Software Sculptors Ltd

About us and what we do...

To many users of business software life becomes a drudge. Users feel constrained because the information that they know would make life easier for both the customer and the service provider can’t be captured.

In addition, owners of companies often find it difficult to get the information to run the business or provide exceptional service. Decisions are often made on guesswork or even postponed for lack of information.

At Software Sculptors we have a passionate interest and experience in presenting data in innovative ways to make it more meaningful and useful in running the business.

Software Sculptors solutions turn IT into a true business tool that serves both the users and the managers. We are able to make IT more interesting for the users who then take a pride in capturing the relevant information, to the benefit of the whole enterprise.

At Software Sculptors we have a strong commitment to sell solutions, not just packaged software. These, however, are not bespoke packages with a high price tag. Software Sculptors understands the investment decisions that other SME’s need to make to improve their business. We partner with our customers to make them productive from day one and we provide ‘future-proof’ solutions which will adapt and change as the business requirements change.

Often when investigating software you will hear ‘sorry it doesn’t do that’. We always try to develop add-ons to meet our clients’ specific needs and make them more productive.

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